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Our Sponsors

A Big Thank You!

Waihi Beach Coastguard would like to express our gratitude to our many sponsors and supporters. Their generosity means we remain one of the most well equipped Coastguard units in the country and when out there doing it on the water, that does make a difference.

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What We Do

Search and Rescue


Waihi Beach Coastguard is ready to respond to any call for assistance on the water. Jobs can range from simple tows or break downs to major incidents tasked by NZ Police.

We operate two Rescue vessels. Gallagher  Rescue is a 9.5 metre Naiad powered by two 250hp outboards and Search Two is a 5 metre Kingfisher Jet.

All our operational crew members carry pagers and are on call 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

Coastguard Air Patrol can provide fixed wing aircraft if necessary in order to cover large search areas quickly.


Radio Operations


Waihi Beach Coastguard monitor VHF ch 85 and VHF ch 16 from:

  • 0700 to 2100hrs during NZDT (daylight time)
  • 0800 to 2000hrs during NZST (winter)

VHF ch 85 for calling, trip reports and assistance.

VHF ch 16 universal distress channel.

Marine weather forecasts and conditions are broadcast on VHF ch 85 daily at 0903, 1303 and 1603 hrs.




Waihi Beach Coastguard have two qualified tutors available to take the following courses at our Headquarters on an “as required” basis.

Marine VHF Radio:

The minimum requirement for all users of marine VHF radios. Covers correct VHF radio operation, enabling you to operate your radio with confidence.

Please phone 07 863 4477 for further details.

Day Skipper:

An introductory course for all members of the family or crew, including those new to boating. Applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, jet skies, kayaks and powerboats.

Please phone 07 863 4477 for further details.


A comprehensive course for boaties with some existing knowledge and experience. Applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, launches and powerboats.

Please phone 07 863 4477 for further details.



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Coastguard is its Members ....

Waihi Beach Coastguard encourages all boat owners within our area to become members. Membership subscriptions contribute significantly towards our operating costs. There are a number of membership categories and annual subscription levels:

  • Volunteers …Radio Operators and active Rescue Crew
  • Individual Members
  • Family Members
  • Corporate Members

Subscriptions range from $20 to $75 depending upon membership category. Waihi Beach Coastguard is funded entirely from members’ subscriptions and sponsorship.

Once you become a member we have all your details on our database. In the case of you experiencing difficuties while at sea we can offer free assistance if required.

For further information contact Waihi Beach Coastguard, or submit the on line application to join.


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